Rules and ethical standards

Our reputation stems from nearly a century of history, our acclaimed technical expertise and the quality of our relationships borne by the employees of our company and its partners.


This human dimension, initiated by the founders of SOCOMEC Group, has forged over time the values in which the company recognizes itself and which guide its activity: Openness, Commitment and Responsibility.


This Code of Conduct confirms our Responsibility. It establishes our commitment to integrity and our respect for the rule of law and the individual. It is built on clear ethical rules. It is widely circulated to all Group collaborators and partners and enables each of us to take initiatives to further satisfy our customers each day.


Faced with a demanding and fast-moving market, our Code of Conduct consolidates the essential relationship of trust that we must maintain with all Group stakeholders.


The Group will improve its performance and ensure its long-term sustainability through the exemplary and irreproachable behavior of all its collaborators and partners.


It is for this reason that we attach such great importance to this Code of Conduct.



code-of-conduct.jpgCode of conduct


> Download our code of conduct



Whistleblowing procedure


Here you will find the whistleblowing procedure which enables to report behaviors which are contrary to the public interest or which are inconsistent with the Group’s rules and policies.


You want to use this whistleblowing procedure to report a fact; please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the form here
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Send the form to the Ethics and Compliance Hotline either:
    • By e-mail to
    • By regular mail to "Ethics and Compliance Hotline, 1 rue de Westhouse, 67235 Benfeld, FRANCE

One of the Ethics and Compliance Hotline members will acknowledge receipt of your report and will then contact you.